Cookie Girl???

OK so in my first blog, I mentioned about why I call myself Cookie Girl. It might sound like a little babyish or very weird but trust me, I have a whole LOT of story behind it! -OK Story Time With Cookie Girl-

Here’s how it goes.. We were all now in a higher grade than last year and we had to meet our new teachers right? So then we were supposed to have our first English Lesson and I was looking forward to it. Our English teacher would literally be described as heaven and she’s amazingly wonderful! It had been a while in our English class and I started having an obsession with cookies!! So this boy in our class started calling me Cookie Monster and from then on I was called Cookie Monster! We also had a class where we decorated it and we called it the Hershey and Cookie party and it was absolutely so fun!

But then my English teacher said that everyone should start calling me Cookie Girl and so now that is my anonymous name ! We had lots and lots of group projects related to cookies and I know it’s weird but our class is awesome and you guys are awesome! That’s the short story time!

And guys tell me what’s your favorite Hershey flavor! I personally love Hershey, what about you?

Love xxx

Cookie Girl (now you know 😉

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