Let’s lighten up the mood here!

Hi lovelies,

Today I wanted to lighten up the mood here as I know everyone is stuck with quarantine, very boring I know — uh-huh! AND the worst part is that summer is coming up and I can’t stand staying in my house during THE AMAZING TIME!!! Anyway let’s think at the positive side, am I right? We can watch memes all day (ehehe), and I am now taken by — FOOD *round of applause*, we can pick up new hobbies, like I did a few days ago! I love sketching/drawing cause it’s very peaceful and it leaves me with no worry in the world — *uhm* now that’s a bit dangerous…I especially love listening to music so.. I started writing my own lyrics/songs even though I’m working on it. There’s many websites that I can recommend to you for whether reading or drawing to pass the time and hope that everything will be okay! So lately I’ve been listening to Rita Ora, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Ariana Grande and so much more!


23 Funny Memes about Life Awkward moments (With images) | Stupid ...
Anyone….? Is that relatable to you…?
50 Hilarious Memes That'll Make You Lose It - Memebase - Funny Memes
UM WELL It could be true!
36 Really Funny Memes To Cheer You Up | SayingImages.com
It's a New Species Sir We Call It the Dog What Is This? It's ...
No comment…

I hope you guys liked the memes and I will be posting more interesting stuff, so bare with me!

Have fun and live the most of it,

Cookie Girl xx

10 thoughts on “Let’s lighten up the mood here!

  1. Ahahahaahahahha *bursts out laughing* the first one is the best! Whenever I watch meme videos, I’m always like “are you watching me?” Beacuse they are sooo relatable! I did a meme post on my blog as well! (But they were not as funny as yours😝) you can find my meme post by searching for “TLWOF” or “memes”. So yeah!

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