🥳Happy Friendship Day!🥳

Bonjour Beautiful Baguettes who make my day like very day! How are you? HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY BEAUTIFUL BAGUETTES WHO ARE SIMPLY AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL! *flashes a great big smile* Today is HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!🎊🎉And I love this day, since in our old school we would bring friendship bracelets and tie it around their hands and some… Continue reading 🥳Happy Friendship Day!🥳

Those…Baking FAILS! (who doesn’t have them!?)

Bonjour Beautiful Baguettes! How are you? no, that didn't sound too humory-ry, Sup, how ya doin (swag, swag) muahaha😂 Today, we're looking at the EPIC baking FAILS..I've & we've(me & mah friend) had! Well, IT WASN'T MY FAULT! Let's jump right in! I actually got this idea by Evin's latest post and it had cake… Continue reading Those…Baking FAILS! (who doesn’t have them!?)


Bonjour Beautiful Baguettes! How you doinnnn'? I have like 4 drafts to publish...my life... Today I am Backkkkk *plays superhero music* withh oh mah gawd, people people people PEOPLE. Is there this thing going with amazingly wonderful Evin💗?!?! She's SOOO NICE! She gave me another opportunity and she nominated me....HOLY. SCHNITZELS PEOPLE SHE NOMINATED ME… Continue reading ZEE AWARD…HAZ FINALLY STEPPED INTO THIZ BLOG!/TAG!😂

The Talent’s Tag! (Nomination!) #1

Hiyaa, Hiyaa Baguettes and amazingly wonderful people out there! As you can see by the titlleeee, BEAUTIFUL BAGUETTES, today is THE DAYY!! THE. DAY. I got nominated!!! *dance, dance* 💃*throws confetti*🎉 *gives brownies*😋 By the amazingly wonderful EVIN!! She is the one who started this tag so THANK YOU SO MUCH MISS BAGUETTE AND SHOUT… Continue reading The Talent’s Tag! (Nomination!) #1