Where’s the Corona?! #2

Bonjour Beautiful Baguettes!!!!

So, I am BACKKK with the Part 2 of Where’s the Corona…this sounds like a series..bruh and let’s carry on with the blog post!

HOLD UPPPP, GUYSS!!!! BAGUETTES!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 100+ LIKES! I don’t have the photo because it doesn’t show apparently…and I’m really annoyed about that but, I’M SO SO SO THANKFUL TO GET 100+ LIKES! Thank you….thank you really from the bottom of my heart.💗 *claps* *throws confetti* WhOoP wHoOp!

All the adults decided to go the same destination…which was Jake’s house (the house we’re currently living in) Yay! The breeze in the car ride was so refreshing!! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE ME THERE ASAP?! We reached and after washing up I made coffee (#coffeelover) for me and Kinjal’s mom. Ehe, want some coffee people?

JESUS CHRIST, It was SO boring since Kinjal had a headache and when you have the feeling of “I can’t move, leave me alone” we call it being a burrito…well at least, that’s what I do, YA WRAP YOOSELF IN A BLANKET AND TADAAA YA BECOME A BURRITO. I didn’t want to go over to her place and so she left ad we would meet again tomorrow. I talked to my friend Miss Cray Cray…remember her? Now her name’s I Got The Guts. Yeah, so we both talked for an hour and guess what….







I got the guts too…….SO I FRIKIN MESSAGED MY ex….CRUSH AND WENT “HIYA, Are you coconut from our english class. YES I SAID THAT AND I HAD TO DELETE IT. Then I wrote..”Hey, eh how you doing?” the rest…..jkdgfhnhdfhgsdfjsgfhgsjfhg movin on..


I woke up like a walking talking mess with my hair that looked like a bird’s nest and the rest I forgot. whoop whoop. So I asked my friend what we did 4 days before and she said “Living like idiots, why?” Well..I mean….that’s true and all but…OH I REMEMBER NOW! We went cycling on this huge ground! It was amazing and fantabulous (fab and fantastic) ! That’s the only MAIN. PART. that was there that day, we came home cycling too!! It started raining and it made it even funner. WOAH MY AUTO CORRECT DIDN’T PUT A RED LINE UNDER funner I TOLD YOU!!! IT IS A WORD!


We ate this AMAZING STUFFF. FOOOD WHOO, guys CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE ME TO IT ASAP?! That’s it. No, and we went to the roof garden, basically we went exploring the whole building at at a floor we foudn a mini golf place, even though we dunno how to play mini golf, we (me and Kinjal) acted like grandma’s with those mini gold sticks.😂Then we just collected rocks and then Kinjal went..

Kinjal: “There’s a couple making out…literally in front of their window.”

Me: “What?! Where?!”

and then I see them making out…….LITERALLY in front of their window and we both go ew, who makes out in front of their window for the whole world to see, I mean it was pretty funny too….lil’bit.🤢


We ate takeout after a long time, it was GREAT! And it was CHICKENNNNN. Muahahaha.😎🎉


My god, it was just yesterday and I don’t remember…what is wrong with me? *asks every single family member* 😂😂😂 Oh yeahhhhhh, we went to an even bigger rooftop and it was beautiful, we had *remembers what happened the on the 21st bruh* SO! Then there was a theater and a barbecue and so many beautiful flowers and plants and air was so refreshing, we stayed there for an hour and came back, if you were expected me to say, the verb where we..bla bla bla…NO. Jake’s wife (Nikki) shifted our sleeping places and we had to sleep with Kinjal’s bro and Nikki’s son. Also before all that we did henna on our hands, they were SO pretty!

Beautiful aren’t they? So now back to..this.WE. SLEPT. AT. MIDNIGHT. They wouldn’t sleep at all! It took us a whole hour to sleep even when we went “YOU ANIMALS, GO. TO. SLEEP.” So anyway, I dunno how I fell alsleep after an hour because it was a miracle.


I woke up completely SQUISHED to he wall and the kiddos kept jumping on us, what a great way to start your morning. It was just normal things, we had chocolate milk *ehe* I luv it. And I forgot what happened next. Oh yeah, today was zee day I woke up early in the morning, so I could write mah bloggo post! Lookazis…



It was Nikki and Jake’s son’s birthdayyy!!!! We went out to the same place that I mentioned in part 1. Here are some photos I took, there was a tent and we ate CHICKEENNNNNNNNN!!!!! We played football again, it’s was so much fun!

We took many, many photos but there were only these which were suitable for the blog as I’m keeping it anonymous.

So….we came back home and we all had evening snacks. But unfortunately this was the day we had to leave but us kids REALLY wanted to stay so Jake and Nikki would leave us at our house tomorrow.


Me and Kinjal LITERALLY. woke up at 12 pm. Can someone give us a round of applause?!


Well…………………………………………………we had chocolate milk again and then we watched this TV Series which was pretty good! Then we all packed our stuff to go home, oh! and while we were watching the series, Jake told us that we would go to my home for dinner! And so we did, it was so fun, the atmosphere was very cheery, I saw my home after like 10 days and so it felt good, me and Kinjal then watched YouTube and ate vanilla ice cream which sadly I couldn’t take a photo of. Then they went home, and today is the 27/07/2020 and I miss my friends badly but this weekend we’re gonna see each other again, so more adventures! I’m so thankful!☺️☺️

That’s all the adventures I’ve had last week and I’m so glad I wrote about them! Especially sharing it with mah baguettes!💗💗💗

Love you all to the baguette land and back!💗

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    1. Thank you! Awwwwwwww my heart went sjdhskxhsjdhjsshskfbdifj for the billionth time! 😁😁 Oh really? Wow, well I’m glad you know now! Pffff😂😂Likjng them without being eaten…or…….jeez Vincent😂😂😂😂

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  1. Hey!
    Listen Srisha, I’m commenting on one of your older posts because I’d rather no one saw this. Feel free to delete this after you see it.
    Yeah I’m writing this because you last comment on my site was… slightly inappropriate XD and I’d rather things stay PG-13 there lmao
    Please don’t feel bad cos I had to edit it. We’re cool, right??
    I didn’t mean to offend you, but I just had to delete that comment… So sorry…


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