Srisha Cloz’s Stories – HUDDLE UP PEEPS😂

Hello Fellow M&M’s (yes, now Imma call you dat, instead of baguettes, EHEHEHE.) NOPE. WE’RE STICKING WITH BAGUETTES, PEOPLE!

Today I will tell you zee epic Srisha Stories.. dadun…

*makes the aura of those creepy story teller people and puts a mat on the ground so you guys can sit*

So..we shall now start…





Srisha’s Story #1 (Also, the one that’s a bit dumb) (Also, also, the one that Srisha becomes Srisha Cloz (Father Christmas, ya know?

-Hold on, someone told me that they’re a little bit of brutal parts even though they’re for kiddos, but meh-

Once upon a time, there was a crazy idiot called Srisha, she was playing in the park with her fellow friends and there was a baby there, let’s call her Lily. Lily has a big sister, let’s call her Sally, which is Srisha’s friend.

Lily got a gun. YEP, A. TOY. GUN. (RATATATAA AH! SO SCARY!)

And she shot Srisha 16 times, and Srisha pretended to die those 16 times. Since Srisha Cloz (me) could see what was going on in Lily’s head and this is what I saw…


Okay, I kinda snorted because of what was going on in her head and the choco milk I was drinking spilled so my elves had to clean it. Anyway, back to the story.

But Lily was still very fond of Srisha, so they went on a bear hunt. Singing;


Anyway, Lily held her hand to her cheek and then Srisha’s other friend came: Bella and so she starting tugging Srisha’s arm so they could play together but then Lily became a monster and ate Bella up. AHA, I’M JUST KIDDING, HEH, OLD SRISHA CLOZ CAUGHT YOU!

Lily then started saying ‘MY MY MY MY MY’

But Srisha and Bella heard ‘MAMA MAMA MAMA’

And they looked at each other because they’re so dumb that they thought Lily said ‘MAMA’ when she said ‘MY’ And Bella said ‘YO-WHAT?!’ I told you, they’re both crackheads. *shakes head* Gosh, I gotta cut my beard.


Srisha’s Story #2 (Yez, the one that Srisha becomes Srisha Cloz again.) (Also, also, there’s Nanny Peach known as THE TOOTH FAIRY.)

Once upon a time, there was Nanny Peach(a fairy), an elf named: Caleb (Cal) and a fairy named: (Hail)

Cal and Hail were playing cards when King Tootsieday (Hail’s dad) came into the room and told them to go to sleep since it was past 11pm. Nanny Peach then followed King Tootsieday and told them to huddle up and sleep but Cal and Hail weren’t havin’ it and since they were on a sleepover so they wanted to stay up late.

Nanny Peach told them that she had to deliver…coins…and take children’s teeth to the elf factory. Cal and Hail were very excited to see what Nanny Peach would do so after a lot of pleading, Nanny Peach agreed with “Oh, Alright.”

Nanny Peach and Fairy Hail get their wings out and float in the sky while Cal Elf gets Ladybug Twiddly Teddy Fingers and sits on top of him so he can fly too.

Me (Srisha Cloz) I have a very, very important job, I have to eat cookies and choco milk and track Nanny Peach and two fellow creatures who tagged along, so that they go to every house who has a kid with no tooth or teeth.

After a gazellenia (millennia in gazillion) they finally got to the last house.




It was their friend, Lucy! She’d lost a tooth and her window was ajar so they slid in and took a while to find where Lucy had hidden her tooth, turns out it what under the pillow with a note for the tooth fairy!

It read..

Dear, Tooth Fairy,
My tooth fell out while I was playing baseball with my dad, and I was overjoyed since I’d get money or candy by you! You must be filthy rich, eh? Anyway, can’t wait and I’m staying up to meet you! I’m staying up all night even though mum and dad think that I’m asleep, I left the window ajar for you too! Do you have elves and fairies helping you too?
Loads of Love,
Lucy, xoxo

Nanny Peach sighed and said “All these stupid letters I get, who in their right mind would reply to them, now let me get that huge tooth out.”

Fairy Hail batted her eyelashes and started searching for a pen so she could write her back at the back of the paper, she loved doing this, while Ben went to help Nanny Peach.

In the meantime, Hail wrote:

Dear Lucy,
Thank you for your beautiful card! I mustn’t answer the part of being filthy rich, there’s this thing called privacy. Oh! So you lied to them, great! And just to tell you, you’re here snoring your heart out. Yes, they are helping me, they’re very good guidance! Especially Fairy- , no, okay, no, elf too.
Loads of Magic,
The Tooth Fairy, Elf and Fairy.

She couldn’t write the names as a matter of privacy, she got cut up by her train of thoughts to Cal’s screams and Nanny Peach looking terrified. Something had gone wrong.

Cal was getting sucked up by Lucy’s breath and Nanny Peach was holding on him-helping him. But all went in vain.

Until, Hail decided to join and fly em’ outta this mess, after a long time of panting and rescuing him, Hail, Ben and Nanny Peach sat on the edge of the bed re-reading the letter. It was great and they slipped it under her pillow, Nanny Peach still holding on to the tooth.

When they were ready to go, Nanny Peach put the huge tooth in her tooth bag and they were reading to fly out as Ladybug Twiddly Teddy Fingers was waiting for them, outside, but then they heard a rattle on the door and the lock was being twisted.

Oh no, they had to hide.

So they did, Lucy’s parents came in and they shuddered because of the cold. PFFF, COLD?! Liar, liar pants on fire.

Lucy’s dad went up to the window and CLOSED. IT.

Hail was on the verge on gasping but Cal shut her up. Nanny Peach was terrified once again.


After, the coast was clear and they slipped out. Cal groaned and climbed up to the window while Hail and Nanny Peach were flying there. Cal desperately tried to get the window to open, but it wouldn’t budge.

Nanny Peach sighed and decided to call me, but I was busy eating my cookies! Anyway, I also thought something was up since they stopped at one place for too long so I called the elf factory, in particular The Sloppy Hat Ol’ Elf. He’s very wise, I must say.

I told Nanny Peach to calm her sizzles. (What?) The Sloppy Hat Ol’ Elf was bringing the elf team to the rescue.


*takes out mat and tells you to come again later*

Well, I’m loving Srisha Cloz! There were too many words here, so I decided to continue it in another post.

Thank you, Zee Crazy Clan (ya know who ya are!) for re-reading it for me!

See ya, latah peeps!


53 thoughts on “Srisha Cloz’s Stories – HUDDLE UP PEEPS😂

  1. The first story was nonsensical yet funny and it was awesome!!! ❤Way to go Srisha Cloz!!! Nice nickname btw!!😂🙂 And the second story sounds like one of the episodes from ‘Ben and Holly’s little kingdom’ that I watch with my lil sisters….. but you made it sound so thrilling and I loved it so much! ❤😍Excited for the continuation!!😉😍
    Love, Amy

    Liked by 2 people

    1. yeah, i told ya it was dumb! !!!! Omg! Yesssss!!!!! I’ve loved those episodes for years!!! Omg thank youuuuuu, you sweet human! yasssss i love zee name too, thank you! Pfff you already know was gon happen tho, imma change it a lil bit😂😂😂 we have GOT TO rant about those episodes 😂 loveveveveve back!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. The Sloppy Hat Ol’ Elf?!😂😂 Loved both the stories! I noticed some said that it made no sense, that’s precisely what makes these stories fun!! You gotta remember to loosen up and let you imagination fly free!! Also, the ‘brutal parts’ have been taken care of!I assure you, I’ll be here to read these comical stories anyday everyday 😂🤣

    Liked by 2 people

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