Srisha Cloz’s Storiez #2 HUDDLE UP AGAINN!🤪

Bonjourrrrrrrrrrr, Hiii, Wassap (yeh, don’t tell me it’s the sky or the ceiling). Holaaaa, Beautiful baguettes and crazy peeps!

I know!! I haven’t posted on daily Tuesdays, I’m sorry! We had some quizzes so I wanted to study and stuff but here I am!


Well, Mimi, I know you know this so I tried to make it a bit more crazy, aight? 😂

*makes the aura of those creepy story teller people and puts a mat on the ground so you guys can sit*

I told Nanny Peach to calm her sizzles. (What?) The Sloppy Hat Ol’ Elf was bringing the elf team to the rescue.


Yeah, elves aren’t quiet people. Nu-uh. 🧝‍♀️🧝‍♂️

The Sloppy Hat Ol’ Elf brought his elf team together and they were about the save the day. Like supahheros. He climbs the wall and stops at the window and tries to lift it but he can’t. He’s too small. Nanny Peach sees him, her, Fairy Hail and Elf Cal rush towards the window are they start their mission.

The Sloppy Hat Ol’ Elf gets the rope from his fellow friends that are sitting peacefully in their truck. There’s an anchor at the end of the rope so he starts banging it on the window.

Lucy must be a VERY. VERY. heavy sleeper because Nanny Peach almost died at the noise that The Sloppy Hat Ol’ Elf was currently making.💀

wOw, tHeY hAvE BeEn rEsCuEd, they jump outta the crack of the window and Nanny Peach falls into The Sloppy Hat Ol’ Elf’s arms.

What about Fairy Hail and Elf Cal? Oho, they just went down and down until they landed on their butts, I’m surprised they survived. I’m joking, both of them landed in the truck and they landed on their butts. Not kidding.


Now here comes the part where I spit my chocolate milk out because The Sloppy Hat Ol’ Elf and Nanny Peach are having their ‘Oh, iT’S OnLy yOu AnD Me aNd nObOdY ElSe iN ThE wOrLd’ moment.♥💘💖💗🧡💜💚💙💛

“OH! The Sloppy Hat Ol’ Elf you saved me! MAH HERO!” goes Nanny Peach.

“Oh, I know.” And he does a dab. A. FREAKING. DAB. That was like SO last second.

Pretty careless of him I might add because Nanny Peach fell out of his arms and landed on her butt next to fairy Hail and elf Cal.

So much for him being a gentleman.

“You suck.” Nanny Peach shouts.

“Oh, I know.” He dabs again. It’s okay, it’s literally the middle of the night and so The Sloppy Hat Ol’ Elf acts like he’s on drugs but he’s not.

Anyway, all of them head to the ELF OAK TREE and go downstairs by an escalator.🌳

“SLOPPY HAT OL’ ELF, COME BACK HERE.” is what Nanny Peach yells, which makes The Sloppy Hat Ol’ Elf half die because he has sensitive ears. I know, he’s an idiot..a good one.’

Fairy Hail hands the tooth to The Sloppy Hat Ol’ Elf when he gets comfy in his seat. Now all they need to do is wrap it and crush it so it turns into pixie dust WHICH they put a spell in.🪑

It’s not that bad, honestly, crushed teeth + magic = pixie dust.👏

Simple math, doods. 👏

And this is the end of the crazy night they had. OH! RIGHT! King Tootsieday fell asleep. So, Hail and Cal stayed up the whole night ready for their next adventure.☁

Wow, this is very stoopid but fun!

Srisha Cloz be goin’ on anothah story. #3

Once upon a time there was a boy named Doodle-Di-Dum and he found a bird laying on the ground with one of his wings injured.🐤

He decided to take her home and called her ‘Bunneh.’ 👏

I’m pretty proud of the dude’s name choices.

Days passed, and they both were happy, he would keep her until she healed completely. Bunneh would sing for Doodle-Di-Dum and he would enjoy her company.🌞😎

Bunneh eventually got better but Doodle-Di-Dum didn’t let go of her, he couldn’t, he’d be sad then.😢

As each day went on, the more Bunneh got sadder, and when she did Doodle-Di-Dum also got sadder. He wanted to see Bunneh be happy.


He decided to let go.

He decided to let go of her just so he could see her happy.

Buneh happily flew out of her cage and into the clear blue sky.🌃

You might think that Doodle-Di-Dum would be sad but he wasn’t, seeing Bunneh happy made him happy and he did the right choice.

He decided to let go even if it hurt him to the core.

That night, Bunneh came back to Doodle-Di-Dum and he was overjoyed by this. This happened for a long, long time and they stayed happy, happily ever after.☺

I don’t think this is the end because who knows what they might be or do after a long long time. All I know is that they’ll be happy and suffer through the tough times together.✨💎

*takes out mat and tells you to come again later* SHOO NOW SHOO. 😂

Das it for today’s post, I hope you liked it! I’m no real writer but I try and so I decided to share some of it with you guys!

I’m loving Srisha Cloz like always, and I love you peeps too!

See ya, loco people! 🤪

63 thoughts on “Srisha Cloz’s Storiez #2 HUDDLE UP AGAINN!🤪

  1. Those are the most rambunctious elves EVA!!!
    this was my first time tuning in to Srisha Cloz’s Storiez and I must say it was fun! 😂💖 JOLLY GOOD JOB OLD CHAP 👏🏼

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Absolutely no problem-o! Aw woohoo! 😂👏🏼🎉 let’s have a toast! To the lovely creatively crazy stories to come, non?? 🥂 CHEERS! (It’s fruit juice, by the way. We won’t get drunk in the comments.)

        Liked by 3 people

  2. OH NO, PIXIE DUST IS CRUSHED TEETH?! My whole life is a lie😂 Why would you do that?!
    I loved everything else, as always!! The sarcasm was on point, and the second story was beautiful ❤️
    I’m glad Lucy stayed asleep the whole time, but she’s an idiot to have missed everything 😂
    Can’t wait for more!!😂💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AHHHHHHHH SHASHA!!!! HOW CAN YOU BE SO SMART AND FUNNY!! First of all, thank you for changing the story for me!! I actually loved it so much I took a screenshot (I hope you don’t mind that 😉
    AGHH! I LOVED THE STORY!! My fav part is when you added romance between nanny and the ole elf XD And when he dabbed….. OMG YOU JUST KILLIN ME!! YOU ARE THE BEST!! I can’t believe the ole elf just dabbed XD And omg drugs? The ole elf doin drugs no kidding that’s crazy XD
    And hey! YOU ARE A MATH GENIUS TOO! crushed tooth + magic = pixie dust! ahh you too smart 🙂
    The second story was great too!!! How did you come up with the ‘Bunneh’ name ahhh XD
    The story kinda had a moral didnt it? It touched mah heart ❤
    Love, Mimi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH MAHHH GAWDDD, MIMI!!! Thank you so much for this awesome comment! Mhmm, otherwise it would’ve been a bit boring.😁😁😁*bows dramatically* Thank you SO MUCHHHHHHHH!!!!! Nope I don’t mind at all! *hair flip* I feel so honored. *Sighs happily* IKR! So freaking cray-cray! YOU’RE ONE TOO!!! YOU UNDERSTAND ZEE EQUATION AMIRIGHT??!!!🤪😂 I wanted to call it something else but then Evin came up with Bunneh and I agreed so it’s Bunneh and then I made up doodle-di-dum. 😂 Yeah! I’m glad you understood! Awwwh, thank you so much, it means a lot, a lot, a lot!!!
      Love, Shasha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem!! YOUR COMMENTS ALWAYS MAKE ME SMILE 🙂 So I thought I would try too XD I hope it didn’t fail!!
        Evin was right to suggest the name ‘BUNNEH’ it was epic XD
        Have a great week mah dear Shasha!! ❤
        Love, Mimi


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