Happy birthday to ME!

HeLlO AbSoLuTeLy aMaZiNg bAgUeTtEs. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEE I love you all people, mwah mwah. Ayo Srisha from the age that I'll be after a year, I hope you still kill and slap people with your words and you're still the child that you love and that you still write in… Continue reading Happy birthday to ME!

Gangsta Peppa Got The Chainz⛓💅

I'm posting 2 days in a row coz I didn't post for a millennia. You know what? Since this is a gangsta post, I won't put the intro photo. WAZZUP, TODAY WE WILL LOOK AT MISS PEPPA PIG. As you all might know, she's a very sweet kid and pig which is 7ft tall. But… Continue reading Gangsta Peppa Got The Chainz⛓💅

I got these awards coz I’m awesome. (sarcasm) *grabs Gucci bag*

PLEASE LEAVE ME MERCY, I'M SORRY I HAVEN'T POSTED FOR SO LONG. HAPPPPPPPYYYY OCTOBERR!!! (It's my favorite month) HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!I love October and Autumn, heh. So happy Autumn as well! xxxxxooooxxxx People I have like a gazillion to do. I swear to god. THANK YOU PEOPLE FOR THINKING ABOUT ME, NOW, I SHALL PROCCED. I have… Continue reading I got these awards coz I’m awesome. (sarcasm) *grabs Gucci bag*