Mine and Liz’s eTeRnAl drama, it ain’t stoppin’

Drama…oh drama…I love drama…

And today’s drama (collab) is with Lizzie from Above The Clouds! (Cool name, eh?)

Welle, welle, welle.

*puts on fake mustache*

Let us start with our…


So as you know we’re weird, dumb idiots who legit come up with anything.
And we were talking the other day.
AnD AlL ThIs hApPeNeD…

Srisha: shhh….
*puts on hoodie*
Srisha: *walks away while putting index finger to her lips*
*rain starts*
Liz: *sips loudly*
Srisha: *starts dancing in rain loco*
*ehm ehm*
*has to keep her calm*
*walks away in suspense*
*comes back for tea*
Liz: *dun dun dun*
Srisha:  *takes your cup and drinks everything*
Suck it.
Liz: *gasp*
NoT tHe TeA.
Srisha: *gets a lot of tea, even more tea than the Boston tea party, even more tea that was dumped into the ocean, even more tea than 342 chests*
yEs tHe tEa.
Liz:  *cries*
Srisha:  *drinks coffee*
*coffee goes into system*
Liz:  *Oh No*
Srisha:  *dies*
Liz: *NoT cOfFeE*
Srisha:  *revives*
*yEs cOfFeE*
*sits down on couch*
*stirs coffee*
Liz:  No wonder you died.
Srisha: So…tell….me…
Liz:  TwO *shields myself*
Srisha: tWoOoO!?!?!?!?
*what in the world is two? I take one million*
Liz: *laughs evilly*
Srisha: *wipes laugh of your face*
*sits back down on couch*
Liz: *YoU gEt Two*
*I gEt TwO mIlLiOn*
*eats all de m&ms*
Srisha: *gapes*
*all d M&M’s?*
Liz: *puts on hoodie*
*walks away*
*rain starts*
*starts dancing in rain crazy*
*walks away in suspense*
Srisha: *takes off hoodie*
*drinks more tea*
*glub glub glub*
Liz: *drinks coffee*
*slurp slurp slurp*
Srisha: *takes your coffee and drinks it too*
wHoAaA I FeEl LiQuIdY
Liz: *throws your tea out the window*
*throws your coffee out the window*
So much trash.
Liz: *gasp*
Srisha: *walks away mischievously*
Liz: *becomes VSCO girl shouting save the turtles*
Srisha: Succckkkkk ittttt
Liz: *tosses hydro flask*
Srisha: *oh frick, it’s a VSCO girl, run run run*


Srisha: *keeps drinking more tea and puts more sugar in it.*
*thinks if she’s dying*
*calls out to Liz*
Can you bring me my phone please?
Liz: *nOpE*
*grabs phone*
*waves it in front of face*
*runs around the room*
*falls face first out the window*
Srisha: *gets phone*
*beats this boy’s high score in flappy bird*
*thinks that she can die peacefully now so falls on the couch starfish position*
*waits for death*
Liz: *jumps on top of you trying to help you*
*lays with you on the other couch*
Srisha: *after 1 hour*
Alright, I’m not dying, let’s sip more tea.
Liz: *drinks a cup of tea*
Srisha: *sips one tiny sip of tea*
Liz: *blinks*
*falls asleep*
*wakes up*
*performs CPR*
*sings baby shark*
*waits for you to wake up from your fake death*
Srisha: *revives*
             *realizes you were singing baby shark*
I can hear you….but I wont….
             *does OH A MILKSHAKE dance*
Liz: *blinks*
       *sips coffee*
Srisha: *eyes widen*
Liz:    *drowns you in coffee*
Srisha:   *calls baby shark from baby shark*
Baby shark: *comes over*
Liz: *shakes hands and does salsa with it*
Srisha: *does ballet and hip-hop combined with baby shark*
Liz/Baby shark/Srisha: *fall on butts* (not that a shark has a butt-*
Liz: *hair flips and looks like a diva*
Srisha: *realizes she has hobo clothes*
Liz: *gets high on caffeine*
       *hugs srisha*
Srisha: *blinks*
  119, I have an emergency-

Not the bonus is the first part of our drama, the second part is on Liz’s post right here!

Romantic Comedy Drink GIF by filmeditor - Find & Share on GIPHY

Now, this is an exceptional example of random.

Read more drama drama drama here with Liz!
And no I did not die, I’m still alaive.

*hits head on pole*

bEy hU ksUk tI (yuh, have fun figuring that out)

34 thoughts on “Mine and Liz’s eTeRnAl drama, it ain’t stoppin’

  1. *reads this post*
    *goes to comment*
    I’d VERY happily join you two – it would be an HONOR 😎😂 if you posted my contribution sometime! No pressure hehe
    *slips on diamond-studded pumps* *waltzes off stage*

    Liked by 6 people

    1. *looks at srisha*
      *she has talent*
      *walks over to the coffee pot*
      *hands maggie a cup*
      *pours coffee in*
      sit down for an interview darling, we’re being this show on the road *wink wink*

      Liked by 4 people

    1. Oh no, *calls 119* she don’t know what she’s feeling so we MAY have to take her heart out, give it a good squeeze, shake it all around and let it do the la bamba dance and then we can put it back in it’s place and you’re all ready to know what you’re feeling!
      Awwwh, Sherlock thank you!
      Wow, thanks so much girlie!😁☺😏

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Drama drama drama!!! Both of you are killing me!!😍😂😂😂
    Seriioouuzzly Shasha and Lizzie!! You guys are naturals!!😍🥺
    I’m frickin loving this. Eeeeek😅
    Love, Mimi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DRAMA DRAMA *SIPS KIDS CHAMPAGNE* Oh no- I hope you aren’t dead though-
      Woah, that means a lot to me Mimi, seriously tho, thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Srisha: Want M&M’s
    Liz: Will give only two
    Srisha: Want 2 million
    Liz: Not ready. *eats all of them*
    Srisha: *drinks tea*
    Liz: *drinks coffee*
    Srisha: *drinks tea*
    Liz: *drinks coffee*
    Srisha: *drinks tea*
    Liz: *drinks coffee*

    Ashish: *looks at Srisha and Liz*
    What do we get?😂

    Liked by 3 people

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