Button Swaps😍

Hey Beautiful Baguettes!!!! And WELCOME!! Whoop Whoop! This is my button swap page as you can see! Button Swaps is when we exchange our blog buttons. Basically what a Blog Button is, it’s a button/logo you make for your blog and then you swap your button with other blogs, and when they see our logos/buttons on their website, they can visit our blogs, for me, it’s them getting hot chocolate.😂

If you wanna swap with me, you’re very welcome *woah, that felt like Christmas…got no idea why but meh* *puts fairy lights on, and bells and all that stuff* And you can comment down below! COME INNNN! See? You’re VERY WELCOME!💗🌲

Mah Blog Button!

Amazingly Wonderful Baguettes I have swapped with!

Vrose’s Blog: Shining Bright

Vrose is not on WordPress anymore and she isn’t a blogger anymore but she’s sill our friend and I’ll miss her a lot. I hope she stays safe with smiles! 🙂

grab button for catastrophic teenage life

82 thoughts on “Button Swaps😍

      1. hahahaha! YAY! Okie, so you take my blog button on my blog (you can find it on my blog buttons page) and you copy it and put it on your button page!! Then i do the same with yours!! You can also link my blog’s URL!!! Ok sry if thats confusing 😂😂😂

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    1. Hi! So basically you make your blog button and then you put that image on your page then when someone asks you to swap, you copy their blog button on their page and past it on your page then your blog button will be on their site and theirs will be on yours. Did you get it?

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  1. Wowowowowow!!!!!! Srishaaa!!! Your blog theme and designs are ahhhhh!!!😍😍😍😍😍 I have found out that you are so good at graphic designs!!❤❤❤ I’m not sure if I have a blog button yet lolll….. If you are free….. will you help me design a blog button?😊😉
    Btw, am I not allowed to comment on your ‘About Moi’ page?🙄
    Love, Amy

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    1. Mi-mi!!! Awww, that touches my heart, you’re so nice and lovely and awesome and marvelous!! Yes!! For sure, I’m glad you thot of me when helping with ur designs!! Hmm, I’ll check that! Thank YOU,

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