Srisha Cloz’s Storiez #2 HUDDLE UP AGAINN!🤪

Bonjourrrrrrrrrrr, Hiii, Wassap (yeh, don't tell me it's the sky or the ceiling). Holaaaa, Beautiful baguettes and crazy peeps! I know!! I haven't posted on daily Tuesdays, I'm sorry! We had some quizzes so I wanted to study and stuff but here I am! SO. WE CONTINUE. MAH STORIEZ! Well, Mimi, I know you know… Continue reading Srisha Cloz’s Storiez #2 HUDDLE UP AGAINN!🤪

Where’s the Corona?! #2

Bonjour Beautiful Baguettes!!!! So, I am BACKKK with the Part 2 of Where's the Corona...this sounds like a series..bruh and let's carry on with the blog post! HOLD UPPPP, GUYSS!!!! BAGUETTES!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 100+ LIKES! I don't have the photo because it doesn't show apparently...and I'm really annoyed about that but, I'M… Continue reading Where’s the Corona?! #2