Collab with Evin @A Curly Sue’s Ramblings #1

*finishes virtual KitKat* DO YOU GUYS HAVE ANY MORE?!?!!?! Coz you're gonna need it! For this post...let's present MAH FIRST EVER COLLAB WITH EVIN! Hey there beautiful baguettes! How have you been doing? Happy New Month (August!) Today is again...THE. DAY. and yes THE. DAY'S. opportunity was once again given by Evin! Thank you so… Continue reading Collab with Evin @A Curly Sue’s Ramblings #1

🥳Happy Friendship Day!🥳

Bonjour Beautiful Baguettes who make my day like very day! How are you? HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY BEAUTIFUL BAGUETTES WHO ARE SIMPLY AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL! *flashes a great big smile* Today is HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!🎊🎉And I love this day, since in our old school we would bring friendship bracelets and tie it around their hands and some… Continue reading 🥳Happy Friendship Day!🥳

Those…Baking FAILS! (who doesn’t have them!?)

Bonjour Beautiful Baguettes! How are you? no, that didn't sound too humory-ry, Sup, how ya doin (swag, swag) muahaha😂 Today, we're looking at the EPIC baking FAILS..I've & we've(me & mah friend) had! Well, IT WASN'T MY FAULT! Let's jump right in! I actually got this idea by Evin's latest post and it had cake… Continue reading Those…Baking FAILS! (who doesn’t have them!?)


Bonjour Beautiful Baguettes! How you doinnnn'? I have like 4 drafts to life... Today I am Backkkkk *plays superhero music* withh oh mah gawd, people people people PEOPLE. Is there this thing going with amazingly wonderful Evin💗?!?! She's SOOO NICE! She gave me another opportunity and she nominated me....HOLY. SCHNITZELS PEOPLE SHE NOMINATED ME… Continue reading ZEE AWARD…HAZ FINALLY STEPPED INTO THIZ BLOG!/TAG!😂

Happy Birthdayyy Gurl!🎉

Hello there fellow humans from a planet called The Earth (Jeezus, I sound like the alien from Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom) BEAUTIFUL BAGUETTES!!! Look at da titlleeeeee, it's A FRIKIN BIRTHDAYYYY!!!! A. BIRTHDAY. The excitement is igniting inside of me, so imma spill it all out!🎉💃 *throws confetti...again.* *gives you all birthday caps and… Continue reading Happy Birthdayyy Gurl!🎉

The Talent’s Tag! (Nomination!) #1

Hiyaa, Hiyaa Baguettes and amazingly wonderful people out there! As you can see by the titlleeee, BEAUTIFUL BAGUETTES, today is THE DAYY!! THE. DAY. I got nominated!!! *dance, dance* 💃*throws confetti*🎉 *gives brownies*😋 By the amazingly wonderful EVIN!! She is the one who started this tag so THANK YOU SO MUCH MISS BAGUETTE AND SHOUT… Continue reading The Talent’s Tag! (Nomination!) #1